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These Are the Top 3 Values You Should Be Teaching Your Child at Home

November 4, 2020

Preschool and kindergarten teachers stress the importance of teaching children proper values at an early age.

It’s never too early to learn these three important values, and we recommend you start teaching them to your preschooler and kindergartener as soon as possible through appropriate modeling:

  • You probably heard it many times from your own parents: honesty is the best policy.  Even though it may seem harmless to tell your child, “Don’t tell Daddy you had cookies before dinner,” it may send an unintended message that it’s normal and acceptable to hide things from the people that are important to us.  Therefore, encourage your child to always tell the truth, even if others may not necessarily like it.
  • Respect for oneself and respect for others is one of the most important, yet challenging, values for children to learn at an early age.  Start off by approaching respect as a feeling.  Your child can feel respect for other people by honoring them and wanting to be kind to them.  Essentially, treating other people the way you would want to be treated is the embodiment of respect, even if you’re angry with them or you disagree with them.
  • Good sportsmanship. Nobody likes it when things don’t go their way.  But life is unfair sometimes, and it’s essential to teach your child that things won’t always turn out the way they want them to.  However, there are good and bad ways to handle disappointment.  If your child is actively involved in a sport, this can be a great outlet for them to learn to lose gracefully and focus on how they can improve the situation without letting their emotions get the best of them.

At Les Enfants, we embody these values, and many other values, in our classroom every day through appropriate modeling and activities.  Contact us today at 201-592-6695 or info@lesenfantschildcare.com for more information about our school!

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