The Value of Learning Social Skills in Preschool

September 23, 2021

During the preschool years, young children are taught various crucial skills to build a strong foundation emotionally, socially, physically, and academically. Social skills are some of the most valuable fundamental skills that children can learn. The most important social skills for them to know include:

  • Listening: Listening includes staying quiet while others are speaking and absorbing what others are saying. Listening is an integral part of healthy communication skills that will help children socially and academically in the future.

  • Sharing: When children share their toys with others it helps them make new friends and grow relationships with current ones.

  • Following Directions: Following directions is an important social skill that will aid in their relationships and academic career.

  • Cooperating: When young children work together to achieve a common goal, they learn to be respectful while participating and helping out.

  • Respecting Personal Space: Respecting other’s personal space is a crucial social skill for children to learn. Young children should be taught to respect other’s personal boundaries and space and avoid making them uncomfortable.

  • Making Eye Contact: Making good eye contact during a conversation is an essential component of effective communication.

  • Using Manners: It is important for children to know how to be polite and respectful to teachers, other parents, and their classmates. Saying please and thank you can help children foster relationships and be seen positively.

Benefits of Social Skills for Young Children

Learning social skills is an integral part of communicating effectively and thriving in society. When children are taught good social skills early on, they are more likely to succeed in adulthood. Experts agree that social and emotional skills are equally important as academic skills in the early learning years. As children begin to grow up, they are involved in more unsupervised social situations in which they will have to draw from past social skill teachings to socialize and make friends. Forging friendships are crucial in shaping a child’s identity and furthering their social skills.

At Les Enfants, we help children develop social and emotional skills through group activities, playtime, and class instruction. Our staff is dedicated to helping our students build a solid foundation to succeed later in life. Contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about our preschool programs at (201) 592-6695.


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