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Help Your Child Succeed in Preschool by Using These 4 Tips and Tricks From Our Teachers

October 19, 2020

Preschool teachers help students grow intellectually, emotionally and physically in the classroom.


As a parent, you play a major role in your preschooler’s development into a successful student and child.  This does not come without its challenges, but by following these 4 tips and tricks from our teachers, you can make this journey as smooth as possible for you and your child:


  • Set up and maintain a healthy routine. Preschoolers do their best under a set schedule rather than a lot of downtime.  Whether they are attending school in person, using a hybrid model or going completely online, a structured plan that includes schoolwork, healthy food, and adequate rest time helps build a foundation for success. 


  • Value progress over results. Preschool is a time of exploration in your child’s life.  It may or may not be their first time spending an extended part of their day away from you, and they encounter several new concepts and situations each day.  When it comes to these transitions, the occasional stumble is natural and should be welcomed.  Instead of focusing on the negative and desperately trying to remedy the current situation, focus on the long-term and helping your preschooler obtain positive results next time. 


  • Utilize school resources. Preschool teachers don’t want you to work alone.  Attend as many parent-teacher conferences as you can, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of the many resources that your child’s preschool offers.  You are not present in your child’s classroom during the day, and their teacher is not present at home, so it’s important for parents and teachers to collaborate and come up with a plan together.


  • Discuss school regularly. Ask your preschooler school-related questions every night at dinner, or at any other time when distractions are limited and you can discuss school at length.  Encourage them to express any concerns about their own success to you during these discussions so you can help them come up with short and long-term goals and/or bring it up at your next parent-teacher meeting. 


At Les Enfants Preschool, our number one goal is to ensure success in and out of the classroom, using our research-based Creative Curriculum to do so.  Contact our school at 201-592-6695 or to get started!

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