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Supplement Your Preschooler’s Learning by Using These 5 Educational Apps

October 28, 2020

Whether your preschooler is learning at home or in the classroom, these 5 apps will keep them busy and add to their learning:


  • GS Preschool Games. This app, specifically designed for children ages 3-6, offers a variety of educational games that encourage preschoolers to use their critical thinking skills and put their brains to work.  From jigsaw puzzles, to memory games and shape quizzes, GS Preschool Games will keep your preschooler busy for hours and help them learn at the same time. 
  • Funbrain Jr. Available for iOS, Funbrain Jr. allows preschoolers to practice their skills in early literacy, math and problem solving.  The app teaches patterns, concepts of quantity, fine motor skills and more, through 5 unique games involving fun characters. 
  • Memory Match & Learn. Help your preschooler develop cognitive skills and improve their concentration by taking advantage of Memory Match & Learn by TabTale.  Preschoolers will choose from an array of 130 colorful, vivid items in 7 major preschool categories and learn the names, spelling and vocabulary of over 120+ first words.  The app features intuitive auto-complete to help solve puzzles when your preschooler is struggling as well.
  • LEGO® Juniors. In this fun and creative app, your preschooler will start off with an empty landscape, and it is up to them to build vehicles, houses and decorations to make it come alive.  Designed for children ages 4-7, LEGO® Juniors sets your preschooler up for success and a fun time by encouraging them to use their brains and put different parts together.
  • Beck & Bo. This fun and engaging app is available on both iOS and Android.  Toddlers will learn their early vocabulary by following the adventures of this dynamic duo as they take their dog on a train trip, go to the theme park and win prizes, and more. 

Les Enfants provides preschoolers with a premier early education experience, using the Creative Curriculum to help children learn through play.  Contact us today at 201-592-6695 or for more information!

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