Daily activities at Les Enfants are enhanced through the use of many special programs and people.  The following programs are offered in the afternoons for children enrolled in full day sessions as optional classes for those who wish to join in the fun!  An additional fee is charged for these classes.

Note: “Kidz Musik” is also incorporated for all preschool classes once a week in the morning as part of the regular curriculum at Les Enfants.

This unique program connects the power and magic of music, rhythm and movement with the wonder of a child’s imagination! Children sing, move, and explore musical instruments as part of this stimulating program!

Children are introduced to basic ballet positions and learn to express themselves through music and movement. Stories and various types of music are used to enrich imaginations and encourage self-expression.

In this unique program, children are taught healthy, alternative food choices by having them cook their own dishes! In addition, Power Kids incorporates fun fitness activities that go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle.

These classes use the martial arts as a vehicle to develop gross motor skills as well as working on focus (look, listen, think, and do). Learning to follow instructions at an early age is a valuable skill that will last a lifetime.

In soccer class, children develop and practice important motor skills such as eye-foot coordination and balance. Children learn how to be part of a team, build confidence, improve listening skills and follow directions. They gain a sense of motivation and an “I can do it!” mentality.

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Les Enfants will be closed as of March 18th until the end of the month or such time as is recommended to re-open. We feel that closing now is the responsible action for us to take. Being proactive as a nation and a community is what will stop the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

In the meantime, staff is busy cleaning and sanitizing in preparation for sanitizing by Sterile Space Infection Defense. Teachers are busy preparing activities for families to do together to keep learning routines in place for our children.

Resources for continuing learning at home can be found here.

We will re-open the school as soon as it is safe for the broader community and look forward to being together again soon with our amazing families. 

Praying for us all to remain healthy and safe, 

Maria Hughes 

Executive Director 

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