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223 14th Street
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Our History at Les Enfants

“I hate selling real estate…”

“I can’t stand all the politics at the school where I’m teaching…”

“Why don’t you girls open up your own nursery school so Frani can teach and take the baby to work with her?”

So went the conversation one Sunday afternoon in 1980. By the end of that evening, plans were made to visit a “school for sale” advertised in the newspaper that day.

What started out as three young women whining about their work, inspired by a husband looking for a way for his wife to work and still be around their children, turned into an operation of the successful preschool and child care centers known as Les Enfants and Tiny Treasures.

The young women were Virginia Volpe, Maria Hughes, and Francesca Bunucci. The road to success was long and hard, at times seeming impossible to travel due to the untimely death of Virginia in 1990. Virginia was not only the business backbone of the school, but also Fran’s sister and Maria’s childhood friend. But their perseverance paid off.

The original Les Enfants of Fort Lee that started out with an average attendance of ten to fifteen children became an Infant/Toddler Center licensed for sixty children. A Preschool facility was opened in 1995 on the border of Palisades Park and Fort Lee and serves over one hundred children. Tiny Treasures opened in Fairfield in 1986 and expanded with an additional location nearby in 1996. Presently, the centers in Fairfield serve sixty infants and toddlers and over seventy preschoolers. In addition, Tiny Treasures operates several afterschool programs for nearby towns.

The Centers have built a reputation of being professional establishments of academic excellence while retaining the warm atmosphere of a small center through the personal touch given by the caring involvement of the directors at each site.

Expanding and even just holding on for so many years has been a true growth process, not without growing pains, but also not without great satisfaction. “Children” who are entering college now and still visit the Center to recount memories of times spent in preschool is a reward not found in many careers.