Preschool & Summer Camp:
223 14th Street
(Corner Brinkerhoff & 14th St.)
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
(201) 592-6695
Fax: (201) 302-9729

Questions & Answers

Q-What are your hours of operation?
- Our Center is open from Monday-Friday from 7:00 am- 6:30 pm. The Center is closed on major holidays.

Q-What ages do you take at your Center?
Our Preschool cares for children from 2 1/2 years to 5 years of age during the school year. Summer Camp is provided for children 2 1/2 years to 10 years of age, with a separate building on the same grounds where our older campers enjoy a clubhouse-like atmosphere.

Q- Are you state licensed?
Our Center is licensed by the State of NJ Department of Children and Families. A copy of our current license is always posted in the preschool office.

Q- What are your teacher:child ratios?
The following are the ratios that are mandated by the State as well as those provided at our Center:

AgeState Mandated
Staff/Child Ratio
Les Enfants
Staff/Child Ratio
2.5 - 3 years 1:10 1:8 plus floater
4 - 5 years 1:12 1:9 plus floater
Summer Camp 6 - 10 years 1:10 Maximum 1:10

Q-How will you determine my child’s class placement?
-At Les Enfants we believe in grouping children according to their age and developmental needs. As a rule, children are placed in their classes according to their age at the beginning of the school year. The following guideline apply:

Pre K Prep: Child must be three years of age by March of the school year.
Pre K-3: Child must be 3 by October1st or your town’s kindergarten cut-off date.
Pre K-4: Child must be 4 by October 1st or your town’s kindergarten cut-off date

Q-What supplies do I need to bring for my child?
All children should have a seasonal change of clothing. Children who stay for a full day should have a blanket for taking a nap.

Q-Do children have to be potty trained?
No, children do not need to be potty trained in order to attend our Center.

Q- Do you have a playground?
- Yes, we do have an enclosed spacious outdoor playground. The children go outside every day (weather permitting) and have the opportunity to go on the playground or go for a walk in the area. Our playground meets all safety standards for equipment and shock absorbent surfaces. We also offer an indoor area for the children to use on days where the weather does not permit us to go outdoors.

Q- Do you serve lunch and snacks?
Morning and afternoon snacks are provided as well as milk, juice, and water with breakfast and lunch. Lunches may be purchased from our catering service or they may be brought from home. Please note that hot lunches must be brought in a thermos ready to eat.

Q - Do you have any kind of security in place for the safety of the children?
A - For the safety of our children, classrooms and common areas of the Center are monitored and recorded via security cameras. Doors to our facilities are kept locked and accessed by parents and staff by use of a number code. Evacuation drills are practiced on a monthly basis with all age groups and emergency procedures are in place for unexpected events.

Q - Is your staff trained in CPR?
A - Yes, the majority of the staff is trained in pediatric CPR and First Aid. There is always someone present at the Center, usually at least one person in each classroom who has current certification in both CPR and First Aid.

Q- Do you offer a discount for more than one child?
- Yes, we offer a 10 % discount for each sibling in attendance.

Q-Do you require a tuition deposit?
Yes, upon enrollment, a non-refundable deposit equal to one month’s tuition will be held by the Center as security. It will be applied as payment for the last month (June) of the school year.

Q-What happens to my deposit if I withdraw my child prior to the end of the school year?
A-We will accept a minimum of two full months’ notice of withdrawal in order for the deposit to be credited toward tuition. Please note however that we will not apply the deposit toward payment for the months of April or May. Failure to give required notice will result in the deposit being forfeited. Deposits may only be applied to a child’s account as payment of tuition and will not be refunded.

Q- Do you give tuition credit for vacations or absences?
-Since Center expenses continue and space is reserved whether or not your child is in attendance, no refund of money will be made for absences. Vacations are not credited during the school year. Extended Care families can receive up to four weeks of vacation credit during the summer months.